Summit Awana

LIFE Groups for KIDS!

February 25

Saturday: Sparks-A-Rama + T&T AwanaGames BIG DAY @ TBA

February 28

Dot Night + Food Donation Night
give your leader a dot for every section you complete
– bring a non-perishable food item to donate!

February 21

Regular Night of Fun
+ dues payment plan payment due

March 29 - April 2

Awana Summit – Colorado Spring, CO. For more information at talk to Dan or Karla or go to

March 14

Awards Night - Celebration for the whole family! Plan on being there to see your clubber be recognized for all their hard work.

March 10 & 11

Friday & Saturday, March 10-11, 2017 - Journey Weekend, Fair Oaks, CA - More information at

March 7

Last Club Night + BIG Awana Store Sale & Raffle

Fast Track

This is an opportunity for clubbers that are ready to complete handbook sections when they they arrive. Parents must stay with clubbers during this time. Clubbers may complete handbook sections with any available volunteer according to the handbook requirements and standards. Why? To allow for more discussion and relationship building time during small groups! You can help too! Be a Fast Track volunteer for just 20 minutes before Awana starts!

June 19 through 25

June 19-25 2017 West Coast Honor Camp - 6th grade thru high school

Western Theme! More info at


Summit Awana is a ministry of Summit Christian Church, 7075 Pyramid Hwy, Sparks, NV 89441

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Bring A Friend To Awana!

Each Awana handbook requires clubbers to bring two friends to club. It is absolutely preferred and encouraged to bring someone new to club!  They'll have the opportunity to learn about Jesus! To be clear, "bring a friend" really means bring a friend! We understand that this may be difficult for some families. Options are not listed in the handbook, but here are some that will meet the requirement at Summit Christian Church. One option should be completed in place of bringing one friend. These should be considered only for those clubbers who have sincerely tried but are not able to bring friends to club.

  • Invite five friends — ask them to sign a paper saying they've been asked. Give the paper to your leader.
  • Do an outreach project such as going to a nursing home to visit or sending cards to the residents. Write a letter to a friend explaining what Awana is. Include a simple gospel message and an invitation to club. Your leader should read the letter and send it to the friend.
  • Visit new or absentee clubbers with your leader(s) or a parent.
  • Wear your Awana uniform to school and tell people about Awana. Bring a note from your teacher(s) verifying that you did so.