Summit Awana

LIFE Groups for KIDS!

March 8

Last Club Night + BIG Awana Store Sale & Raffle

March 19 20

Saturday and Sunday Journey Weekend, Sacramento - More information at

February 16

Noodle Night  - Accessorize your style with noodles!

February 23

Dot Night - Give your leader a dot for every section you complete

June 19 thru 25

West Coast Honor Camp - 6th grade thru high school

Space Theme! More info at


Summit Awana is a ministry of Summit Christian Church, 7075 Pyramid Hwy, Sparks, NV 89441

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The Cubbies Theme Song

The Cubbie Clubbers will have a blast singing the Cubbies Theme Song.

Cubbies Theme Song

Cubbies Theme Song Lyrics

We are Awana Cubbies, we’re happy all day long.
We know that Jesus loves us! That’s why we sing this song.
We hop because we’re happy and we jump and shout for joy.
For Jesus is a friend to us.
He loves each girl and boy.

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Awana Clubs International.